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Art Auction, Canal Chapter, April 2008

Thanks to everyone who attended our art auction event at Canal Chapter and to all the proffesional artists who graciously donated works for sale. Here are some works that remain for sale.

All monies raised go to our friends in Argentina, Un Vagon Hermoso, to continue to renovate an abandoned traincar into a residency space and community center.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these works please contact us through the website. We will gladly arrange for delivery or mail. Also we expect to set up a future ongoing art sale to support continued efforts of LoCurativo....so stay tuned.

Special Thanks: Canal Chapter, Mariana Valencia, Janet G. Schroeder, Brenda Zubay, Rob Weisberg, Todosantos, Los de Bajo Puente, Jon Hiltz, Peak Organic, and Peter Nadin

canal chapter party

andy cook
andy cook $150 untitled c print 8x12" Framed
leslie martinez
leslie martinez $500 "The Strait and Narrow Path" oil 10x12"
alfredo garcia
alfredo garcia SOLD $245 "As the Technosphere Breaks-Wlecome the Noosphere; Rainbow Brain of Timeship Earth" etching 9x12"
carlos perez
carlos perez $400 photo 24x36"
yasu shibata $250 print 11x14"
jennifer parks
jennifer parks $350 "You Can Find it in the Most Unlikely Places" watercolor pen and ink 18x24"
josephine heilpern
$350 c print 24x36"
nicole cherubini
nicole cherubini $800 "Roses House, Insides" photo